Pavel Jelinek

WFLY-3869: Add test scenario with taglib from module only.

This extends test coverage for WFLY-1172.

WFLY-3343 Fix assert parameters order in the rest of tests.

WFLY-3361 Remove empty xmlns attributes from server configs on IBMJDK.

This empty xmlns attributes (xmlns='') produced by XSLT transformation on IBM JDK

cause parsing exceptions on server startup.

WFLY-3354 upgrade Aesh to 0.33.12

Avoid testsuite issues related to concurrent access to ~/.jboss-cli-history

WFLY-3343 Avoid confusing error messages from EJBEndpointAuthenticationTestCase

Fix assert parameters order.

JBPAPP-11126 on behalf of
JBPAPP-11001 workaround - on behalf of
[JBPAPP-11021] Revert the logic to fail the test when -Djbosstest.ignoreTestFailoverLocalMCF=true argument is passed.
[JBPAPP-11021] Test temporary failed to avoid whole testsuite be stuck.

You can run the test with -Djbosstest.runTestFailoverLocalMCF=true

[JBPAPP-11000] skip testFailoverLocalMCF to prevent breaking whole testsuite
JBPAPP-10987: fix clustering tests on Windows
WFLY-1751 Make default locale independent.

JBPAPP-10621 - fix ANT_OPTS propagation for testsuite on Windows
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