Petr Kremensky

[WFLY-12991] SunX509 TrustManagerFactory not available from Elytron tests on IBM jdk

[WFLY-11827] Broken validation for pooled-connection-factory's transaction attribute

[WFCORE-3816] ExtensionIndexService throws NPE while reading extensions on the IBM jdk

[WFLY-9910] CustomUndertowFilterTestCase fails to reload server if node0!=localhost

[WFLY-9487] Missing transformers for iona in jacorb subsystem (JacORB to IIOP-OpenJDK :migrate operation)

[WFLY-9373] Avoid HTTPSWebConnectorTestCase removing default https listener

[WFLY-8818] Skip VirtualHostTestCase#testDefaultHost if ServerAddress is not localhost

[WFLY-8777] Allow skipTests in mixed-domain module

[WFLY-8396] Remove extra server reloads from jca tests

[WFLY-8368] InterDeploymentDependenciesEarTestCase may fail with NoSuchEJBException

[WFCORE-2855] CLIProcessWrapper - destroy the CLI process forcibly

process.destroy() doesn't kill the CLI process completely on HP-UX and Solaris boxes

[WFCORE-2332] ReloadRedirectTestCase stuck on HP-UX

cliProcess.destroy() does stuck on HP-UX if cliProcess is

waiting for input from user (accept certificate dialogue)

[WFLY-8102] Fix management address configuration for wildfly-ts-integ-xts tests

[WFCORE-1704] Update the default protocol in connect command help message

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[WFLY-6873] Reload the server in WebCERTTestsSecurityDomainSetup tearDown

[WFCORE-1645] Missing whitespace indent in module command help message

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[WFCORE-1522] PersistanceResourceTestCase fails if defaultPermissions contain only groups

PersistanceResourceTestCase fails on Windows 10 (out-of-box configuration), where

defaultPermissins list contain only groups, ownerPermissions is empty set thus assertion fail

[WFCORE-1486] PersistanceResourceTestCase fails on some windows machines

PersistanceResourceTestCase could fail on the servers with multiple

acl entries for file owner.

[WFLY-5588] DefaultContextServiceServletTestCase fails on IBM jdk

[WFCORE-794] IPv6ScopeIdMatchUnitTestCase fails on servers with link-local subinterfaces

NetworkInterface.getByName(subInterface.getName()) return null on virtual interfaces

[WFLY-7736] fix intermittent failure in PersistentIntervalTimerManagementTestCase

[WFCORE-766] Avoid module name collision

We have to avoid module name collision as testModule.remove() fails

on Windows due to file locks created by server process.

[WFLY-4796] IIOPTransactionPropagationTestCase fails with -Dnode0 property set

[WFCORE-766] Move cli extension tests from manual mode into standalone

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[WFCORE-732] Extend tests for CLI commands extensibility

WFLY-2648 - Review/move the per-logging deployment tests

These tests were marked as deprecated in WFLY-2600 - Deprecate per-deployment logging sys prop

WFLY-3117 - Add tests for add-logging-api-dependencies attribute

Tests for a new logging subsystem attribute introduced by WFLY-2599 - Logging subsystem exclusion should remove log API imports

WFLY-2371 Increase allowed size for rotation test

List log files in separate method

JBQA-8017 Size rotating handler test rotate-on-boot attribute