Petr Mensik

Fixed addDisabledUser test

Prepare UI testing for PR

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Updated version of Arquillian Remote

Updated version of Selenium and PBR

Changed config

Updated version of PortletBridge

Added implicit wait to portal tests

Added implicit wait to portal tests

Removed browser dimensions settings

Fixed tooltip locators in order to make tests work in Portal

Updated version of Metamer portlet

Changed deprecated browserCapabilities to browser

Fixed locator in TestFileUpload

Modified locators in order to run in portal env

Fixed TestJQuery test

Added empty check for progress bar value

Changed vin locator in order to work in portal

New version of PortletBridge

Added waits in order run tests properly in portal env

Edited locator for text input

Changed locator for requestTime

Changed name of the method which were causing StackOverflowException

Removed deleted tests from testng tests configuration files

Added conditional for formatting in Portal

Excluded TestPushJms and modified TestParam and TestFunctions

Merge branch '4.3.x' of into 4.3.x

Removed group 4.Future from DnD tests

Removed group 4.Future from DnD tests

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Upgraded to new version of Selenium

Changed version of PortletBridge