Petr Suchý

Runtime-detection: prepare workspace launcher fix

Runtime tests fixed + new Test Suites added

Runtime tests for JPP6 added

Portlet-tests: rewriting to Red Deer

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Runtime detection - support for detecting WildFly 8

Runtime-tests: fixing RuntimeDownload test

Portlet-tests: rewriting to Red Deer + refactoring

Portlet-tests: manifest and pom updated

Runtime-detection: Implemented tests covering downloading of runtimes

Portlet-tests: updated runtimes used for portlet-testing

Portlet-tests: JBDS 5 and 6 compatibility fix

Runtime-tests: fixed removing runtimes

Runtime-tests: fixed operating with runtimes

Runtime-tests: support for SOA-P 5.3.1 testing

Portlet-tests: Added support for JPP-6 testing

Runtime-detection: Added support for EAP-6.1 testing

Runtime-detection tests of SOA-P 5.2.0 added

Runtime-detection tests of EAP 5.1.0 added

Change versions of some tested runtimes

Runtimes: replace WidgetNotAvailableException by SWTLayerException

Runtimes: OperateServerTemplate test fix

Added README files

Portal tests: fixed test of seam hot-deployment

fixed failing of seam hot-deployment tests

Runtime-detection: use of RedDeer master

.gitignore updated

JBQA-7310: modified pom.xml and

JBQA-7310: update pom.xml

JBQA-7310: fixing

update Runtime-detection tests to use Seam-2.3.0.FINAL

portlet/gatein tests: added .gitignore

runtime-detection tests: added .gitignore

runtime-detection tests: jenkins job debugging