Radim Hatlapatka

[WFCORE-3126] export and env assignment must be on separate lines

Solaris 10 requires export and env assignment on separate lines.

[WFLY-9135] AuthMethodParserTest for double decoding of PEM

URI based approach to limit URL -> String -> URL conversions

[WFLY-9087] SharedSessionFailoverTestCase URLs resolving fixed

URLs were incorrectly resolved all pointing to war2 deployment instead

of one group to war1 and second group to war2 deployment.

[WFLY-5359] SSL configuration is migrated as part of connector

Added negative tests for sharing sessions in EAR archive.

[BZ-1212566] Test for increasing bufferSize in response

Note: decreasing doesn't make sense as according to servlets spec the offered buffer needs to be at least as big as

requested bufferSize

Updating ECJ to 4.4.2, which contains fix for WFLY-4406

[WFLY-4406] created test

Tests whether jsp with unused double is correctly compiled and writes correct output

Removing ignore as those tests pass

Fix to properly follow redirect URI in testPostDataFormAuth

The test was passing even though it should failed, fixed now.

Fix for JBPAPP-10996, on 32 bit Windows maximum memory setting to 1303m

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Fixing lines in jbossas-5.patch

it pointed to wrong lines resulting in, fixed now

[patch] Hunk #1 FAILED at 17.

[patch] 1 out of 1 hunk FAILED -- saving rejects to file server/standard/deploy/ROOT.war/index.html.rej

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Test for PageContext invalidation JBWEB-284 (JBPAPP-10891)

Originally resource file inlined in code extracted to an external file further used

Tests for API to list resources inside deployments (JAR/WAR/EAR)

Fix in the label for EAP 6.1 runtime

Valve test refactoring in order to reuse common parts for global valve vs authenticator tests

Tests for globally configured authenticator as valve

Real password put to comments for users defined for testing purposes