Radoslav Rábara

Webservices: removed SWTBot (also SWTBotExt) and improved to run with RedDeer

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Webservices: using RedDeer run java application

Webservices: using RedDeer to check content assistant

Runtime-detection: using new WorkbenchPreferenceDialog API

Webservices: removed workaround for EAP 5.1

EAP 5.1 is no longer supported. Tests should focus on EAP 6+ and WildFly.

Webservices: updated/fixed test cases and javadoc

Webservices: removed QuickFixBot

Webservices: More RedDeer - SWTBotEclipseEditor clean up

Webservices: Refactored (log messages, white spaces, unused imports, etc)

Webservices: Using WorkbenchPreferenceDialog to select PreferencePage

Webservices: Reimplemented EclipseCDIExtUtil with RedDeer

Webservices: Reimplemented DeploymentHelper with RedDeer

Webservices: created new test cases

As-You-Type validation and validation of related jax-rs elements

See JBoss Tools N&N 4.2.0 Beta3

Webservices: project deletion is forced

Webservices: reimplemented wizards actions with RedDeer

Wizards were reimplemented and moved to appropriate packages in

org.jboss.tools.ws.reddeer plugin.

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Webservices: refactored (unused imports, deprecated types, comments)

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Webservices: fixed problem with ToolItem in view

Webservices: using RestService that represents service in JAX-RS Explorer

More RedDeer - reimplemented SelectedWSDLDialog, RestFullExplorer,

WsTesterView and WsTesterNotNullResponseText (now WsTesterNotEmptyResponseText)

Created InputDialog that simplify actions with basic input dialog.

Enhanced ExtendedTextEditor with method replace that replaces any regex with

the specified replacement.

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Runtime-detection: fixed WildFly 8.1 version in pom.xml

WebServices: more RedDeer, sophisticated waiting for jax-rs problems

Implemented sophisticated waiting for JAX-RS Problems that are result of

JAX-RS validation. There are types of waiting that should eliminate false

positive and false negative results.

False positive can occur when Problems

view is empty and we are testing if no problem appeared. In this case an

assertion will wait to ensure that no problem will show as a result of delayed

jax-rs validation.

On the other hand, false negative can occur when we are

testing if there is expected number of problems in Problems view. An assertion

should wait to be sure that Problems view was updated.

Refactored error/warning assertion in RESTfulTestBase.

Added sleep() in order to improve stability until more sophisticated solution

will be implemented (e.g. waiting until the JAX-RS Explorer is updated)

Created JAXRSValidatorPreferencePage in order to reimplment JaxRsValidatorTest

with RedDeer.

Using more RedDeer in RESTfulHelper.

WebServices: WsTesterTest no longer work with default service

When running with Java 7, the default service is EchoService but when running

with Java 8, the default service is gsearch_rss.

WebServices: Updated RESTFullExplorer to not use deprecated classes

WebServices: More RedDeer (API, requirements) - updated MANIFEST and README.md

Fixed assertion of delete operation in CreateJAXRSResourceTest

Added @JBossServer / @OpenPerspective annotation to each test class that needs

server / opened perspective in order to prepare test classes to run with RedDeer


Updated MANIFEST.MF and README.md - imports requirements (JBossServer,


JAXRSFacetTest uses just RedDeer (removed usage of SWTBotExt and SWTBot)

AnnotationPropertiesTest uses RedDeer to assert text in editor

More RedDeer in JBossWSPreferencesTest, CreateJAXRSResourceTest, CreateJAXRSApplicationTest, WSTestBase

Removed unnecessary links to SWTBotExt / SWTBot and refactored

Refactored JBossWSRuntimeListFieldEditor

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WebServices: Updated JBossWSRuntimePreferencePage

Inherits from WorkbenchPreferencePage instead of PreferencePage because

the concrete preference page should be a subclass of WorkbenchPreferencePage.

Also refactored

WebServices: Reflected change of Simple Web Service dialog

Removed SimpleRESTWebServiceTest because Simple Web Service Dialog can't be

used to create JAX-RS service. Removed SampleRESTTestBase (no more needed).

Renamed SimpleSOAPWebServiceTest to SimpleWebServiceTest because the test

cover the whole wizard now.

SimpleWSWizard reimplemented to RedDeer and moved to ws.reddeer plugin.

Its superclass was changed to NewWizardDialog which do function of NewSimpleWsWizardAction.

Because of that, the NewSimpleWSWizardAction was removed.

Runtimes: Reflected change that brings JBT 4.2.0.Beta3

JBoss Seam 2.3.0 was replaced by JBoss Seam 2.3.1 in runtime download dialog

Runtimes: Changed superclass of SeamPreferencesDialog to WorkbenchPreferencePage

Runtimes: Create FSW-6.0 tests and updated EWP test to use EWP-5.2

WebServices: more RedDeer, updated java-doc and assertion messages

WebServices: DynamicWebProjectWizard uses RedDeer API instead of SWTBot

Class was moved to plugin org.jboss.tools.ws.reddeer