Ron Šmeral

Probe: integration test refactoring+fixes

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RF-13839 Drop-down menu page fragment should have show event aligned with the component

Make jboss-as7-updater more resilient

Test for WELD-1669

Make ConversationTimeoutTest more robust

Make ConversationTimeoutTest more robust

Fix ConversationTimeoutTest to show test failures instead of test errors

Fix ConversationTimeoutTest to show test failures instead of test errors

AS7 updater refactored to allow separate installation of cdi-tck-ext-lib * mvn install -Dtck

Added Priority test with disabled archive isolation

WELD-1638 EE7-related doc and example updates

* updated old namespace to in doc and examples

* DOC:

* added a short explanation of "JSR-299" and "JSR-346"

* replaced EE6-spec mentions with EE7 ones (where it made sense)

* updated a couple of outdated links (Seam, and DS "incubator")


* updated maven-ear-plugin to 2.9 to allow <version>7</version>

* updated <ejbVersion> to 3.2

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Fix MessageSenderTest (SLSB JAX-RS Resource decoration) * Per 10.2.4 of JAX-RS 2.0 spec, only Stateless and Singleton EJBs are supported, not Stateful

Examples made more up to date

* replaced references to JBoss AS/EAP with WildFly 8

* removed references to Tomcat 6

* arquillian.xml cleaned up, removed old containers

* removed randomly occurring vim modelines

* jsf/numberguess

* renamed webapp-jboss5* configs to webapp-wildfly

* removed jsf12 config; the 1.2 slot is no longer present in WF

* removed servlet config; context.xml no longer applicable

* s/Web Beans/Weld/

* examples/se: Markdownified READMEs, removed licences from READMEs (like in other examples)

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Added missing programlisting roles to snippets

Typo fixes

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Documentation fixes

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Test for Priority-enabled alternative/decorator/interceptor with enabled archive isolation

Fix deployment name in ArchiveIsolationOverrideTestBase-dependent tests The tests shouldn't even work before this commit, as the deployments have different name than what the deployer expects.

Fix, if-system-property value is optional

Add support for exclusion filters to BeansXml + update of IsolationDisabledTest with exclude filters

Updated archive isolation tests * Renamed Weld.COMPOSITE_ARCHIVE_ENABLEMENT_SYSTEM_PROPERTY to Weld.ARCHIVE_ISOLATION_SYSTEM_PROPERTY to make the constant name consistent with the property name * IsolationDisabledTest corrected: it is a test base, it tested enabled (not disabled) isolation, and the system property setting didn't work, managed arquillian deployment is deployed before @BeforeClass. Corrected and moved IsolationDisabledTest to ArchiveIsolationOverrideTestBase, corrected dependent tests, created actual test for disabled archive isolation.

2.2.0.Beta2 doc fixes

Assume real browser in mail example servlet ftest
Fix forgotten ftests for new Graphene API
WELD-1525 Fix numberguess and permalink ftest execution on Jetty

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WELD-1525 Fix numberguess and permalink ftest execution on Jetty

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Replace all occurrences of 'browserCapabilities' with 'browser' to conform with new Drone
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No need to manage Graphene version in functional-tests
Minor fixes to reduce warnings in JBDS