Ryan Emerson

ISPN-12197 HotRodNonOwnerStatisticsTest failures

ISPN-12159 Address the Don's comments

ISPN-12159 Deprecate the Kryo and Protostuff marshallers

ISPN-12130 RollingUpgradeIT ignoring system properties

ISPN-12077 Serializer unable to serialize scattered caches

- Missing BIAS_ACQUISITION and BIAS_LIFESPAN attributes added to the parser

ISPN-12065 Add org.infinispan.feature.anchored-keys feature flag

ISPN-12065 Add the anchored-keys module to the server

- infinispan-anchored-keys added to bom

- AnchoredKeysIT added

ISPN-11566 Add StatefulSetRollingUpgradeIT to unstable category

ISPN-11566 Add StatefulSetRollingUpgradeIT to unstable category

ISPN-12059 CliIT allow external module use

ISPN-12045 Clarify jboss-marshalling deprecation message

ISPN-11953 Create Client archetype

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ISPN-12027 RemoteCacheContainer missing getCache overrides

ISPN-11956 Add store archetype utilising the NonBlockingStore SPI

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ISPN-11952 Revive Infinispan Archetypes

- ISPN-11957 'embedded' archetype created to replace 'newproject-archetype'

- configuration and pom xml versions parametised

- integration test added to ensure archetypes compile

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ISPN-11989 Fix ThreadLocalLeakTest

Jenkinsfile Build PRs with 'Documentation' label using distribution profile



ISPN-11984 Upgrade to RocksDB 6.8.1

Co-authored-by: Tristan Tarrant <ttarrant@redhat.com>

ISPN-11982 Remove Unused TxBatchUpdater class

ISPN-11974 Remove GenericJbossMarshaller automatic configuration

ISPN-11850 RollingUpgradeIT now works with the EMBEDDED and CONTAINER driver

ThreadLeaks removed from the tests as the RestClient instances are now

closed after the test has completed.

ISPN-11948 server/tests HotRod clients should utilise the ProtoStreamMarshaller

ISPN-11862 Remove CacheStoreFactoryRegistry

ISPN-11946 Deprecate JBossUserMarshaller and associated classes

ISPN-11945 JGroups Kubernetes stack should set 'port_range="0"'

ISPN-11934 Add ServerResource.ServerInfo serializer to avoid unnecessary reflection

ISPN-11936 Don't assert on heap.init as not present in native build

ISPN-11935 Add REST resource util class