Scott Marlow

JBAS-8563 added separate XPC spi for lookup/creation of extended persistence context
EJBTHREE-2232 implement jpa spi xpc.createExtendedPersistenceContext method
JBAS-8563 switchboard persistence context resource provider support. Also includes fix for JBAS-8733 XPC not available in postconstruct method of sfsb
EJBTHREE-2232 JPA upgrade and use Switchboard PCRP
EJBTHREE-2222 workaround for PostConstruct NPE
EJBTHREE-2222 Test for NPE due to extended persistence context not available in @PostConstruct method of stateful EJB
JBAS-8665 create com.arjuna.ats.internal.arjuna.recovery.Listener thread during startup
JBJPA-33 PURP should not keep reference to PUD
change final variable name to lowercase to be consistent
JBJPA-33 switchboard PersistenceUnit ResourceProvider support
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JBAS-8487 use UFC/MFC for flow control and use JGroups default min_threshold
JBAS-8494 JGroups compononent upgrade to 2.11.0 and support for JGroups 2.10.x-2.11.x
JBCLUSTER-289 upgrade to JGroups 2.11.0.GA from 2.10.1.GA
JBCLUSTER-289 upgrade to JGroups 2.11.0.GA from 2.10.1.GA
log the leaked classloader
JBAS-8613 revert back to forcing OOM
JBAS-8613 for non-JVMTI case, try to avoid fillMemory and avoid timeout
JBAS-8613 handle running without jvmti
JBAS-8613 only fill memory if there is a classloader leak, otherwise force full gc
fix for SessionCountUnitTestCase test failure, preload passivated sessions
JBAS-8556 SSO logging changes, code fix will be in ha-server-cache-ispn for CR2
add more logging and fix for handling remote node removing the last session of a SSO
JBAS-8577 JMXConnector should support jmx-remoting.sar 'jmxconnector' alias
handle else restart case
handle the restart case by using the same treecache refererence. previous contents may still be present which reflects what we may see on the cluster
JBAS-8572 use Infinispan instead of JBossCache