Stuart Douglas

HHH-13930 Allow for creation of unloaded proxies in ByteBuddyProxyHelper

Muticast fixes

WFCORE-4599 Handle wildfly-config.xml better for authentication

This was previously cached in a static, which does not work for

multiple deployments. This uses an empty authentication context

for the default (if it was not explicitly set), then explicitly

sets per-deployment ClassLoader default to make sure the correct

class loader is in use when the config is loaded.

Immediatly call receiveMessage() so requests can be deserialized in parrallel

Immediatly call receiveMessage() so requests can be deserialized in parrallel

WFLY-12365 Cache TSR for manually bootstrapped hibernate apps

JBTM-3166 TransactionListener's should not be enabled by default

They are no longer used in WildFly and have a performance cost

WFLY-12340 SimpleSecurityManager uses AccessController.doPrivileged even if the SM is not checking

JBTM-3165 Don't create the EnumSet and TransactionEvent unless it is required

Only call notifyAll() if there are waiters

Only call notifyAll() if there are waiters

[WFLY-12322] Avoid re-dispatching to the worker

Remove some doPrivileged calls

Remove some doPrivileged calls

WFLY-11528 Wildfly HTTP Client 1.0.13.Final

WFCORE-4187 Undertow 2.0.15.Final

WFCORE-4175 Undertow 2.0.14.Final

WFCORE-4175 Undertow 2.0.14.Final

WFLY-10859 Jastow 2.0.4.Final

Restore WFLY-9586 that seems to have been lost in a merge conflict

WFCORE-4037 Undertow 2.0.13.Final

WFCORE-4006 Undertow 2.0.12.Final

Merge pull request #11428 from scottmarlow/WFLY-10683

WFLY-10683 upgrade to Javassist 3.23.1-GA for improved handling of newer JDKs

Merge pull request #11425 from spyrkob/patch-2

[WFLY-10681] Upgrade JBoss Ejb Client to 4.0.11.Final

Merge pull request #11421 from ropalka/WFLY-10578

[WFLY-10578] Eliminating deprecated DependencyType usages - final round.

WFCORE-3956 Undertow 2.0.10.Final

WFLY-10666 ApplicationSecurityDomainDefinition.knownApplicationSecurityDomains is not synchronised correctly

WFCORE-3936 classfilewriter 1.2.3.Final

Merge pull request #11360 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-10603

WFLY-10603 WildFly Arquillian 2.1.1.Final

Merge pull request #11346 from treblereel/wf14_jsf_multi

[WFLY-10567] Broken JSF module installer