Stuart Douglas

Remove some doPrivileged calls

Remove some doPrivileged calls

WFLY-11528 Wildfly HTTP Client 1.0.13.Final

WFCORE-4187 Undertow 2.0.15.Final

WFCORE-4175 Undertow 2.0.14.Final

WFCORE-4175 Undertow 2.0.14.Final

WFLY-10859 Jastow 2.0.4.Final

Restore WFLY-9586 that seems to have been lost in a merge conflict

WFCORE-4037 Undertow 2.0.13.Final

WFCORE-4006 Undertow 2.0.12.Final

Merge pull request #11428 from scottmarlow/WFLY-10683

WFLY-10683 upgrade to Javassist 3.23.1-GA for improved handling of newer JDKs

Merge pull request #11425 from spyrkob/patch-2

[WFLY-10681] Upgrade JBoss Ejb Client to 4.0.11.Final

Merge pull request #11421 from ropalka/WFLY-10578

[WFLY-10578] Eliminating deprecated DependencyType usages - final round.

WFCORE-3956 Undertow 2.0.10.Final

WFLY-10666 ApplicationSecurityDomainDefinition.knownApplicationSecurityDomains is not synchronised correctly

WFCORE-3936 classfilewriter 1.2.3.Final

Merge pull request #11360 from stuartwdouglas/WFLY-10603

WFLY-10603 WildFly Arquillian 2.1.1.Final

Merge pull request #11346 from treblereel/wf14_jsf_multi

[WFLY-10567] Broken JSF module installer

Merge pull request #11335 from fl4via/WFLY-10434

[WFLY-10434] Make interceptor order arrangements for CachedConnection…

Merge pull request #11352 from ropalka/WFLY-10578

[WFLY-10578] Eliminating usages of deprecated DependencyType enum - round 1.

Merge pull request #11353 from Sanne/WFLY-10579

WFLY-10579 Upgrade to Hibernate Commons Annotations 5.0.4.Final

Merge pull request #11354 from jfdenise/EAP7-1021

Community Doc for EAP7-1021, keyboard navigation

WFLY-10603 WildFly Arquillian 2.1.1.Final

WFLY-10602 Remove ee8.preview.mode support for Undertow

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WFLY-10539 ServletContainerInitializer instances aren't invoked in the specified order (WarMetaData order)

WFLY-10538 JMSService installs services into the root service container

WFLY-10537 PartitionManagerService is created in the root service container

WFLY-10536 PooledConnectionFactory JNDI aliases are created in the root service container

WFLY-10534 Datasource JNDI bindings are created in the root service container

WFCORE-3918 Services created by extension index service is not part of stability monitor