Tadayoshi Sato

SWITCHYARD-2916 Enlist Camel contexts used in SwitchYard application in OSGi registry

SWITCHYARD-2900 Upgrade xalan & xalan-serializer bundles to latest 2.7.2_x


Made SOAPProcessor check HttpRequest for collecting HTTP headers.


Read WSDL eagerly and resolve "target-host-url" from the endpoint address location

defined in it if it's a local file.


Declare soapAction explicitly for the web services in the webservice_consumer1

and webservice_consumer2 quickstarts.


Commit David van Balen's patch to enable XSLT parameters support in XsltAction.

Properties "xslt-params" and "object-paths" are added to XsltAction configuration by this patch.


Backport changes for JBESB-3898 from trunk to JBESB_4_11_CP2 branch.


Make both setActionConfig and setActionProperties methods in AbstractWsdlContractPublisher

initialise rewriteEndpointUrl field and the transformer.


Add a null guard on the "msg" argument into GenericPipelineInterceptor#processMessage(...) method to work with the instantiation of a service.


Port changes from the 4.11 CP branch back to trunk.


Set the FaultTo and ReplyTo to the response header in the 'try' block, and reset them to the request

header in the 'finally' block. Modify the existing unit tests to verify them being retained.


Add another Factory#createErrorMessage(...) method, which creates an error message from the Call information.

Change the innermost ActionProcessingPipeline#processPipeline(Message) method to use this Factory#createErrorMessage(...) method for error message creation.