Tom Cunningham

SWITCHYARD-3008 SY InboundHandler does not consider all sources of CharacterEncoding

SWITCHYARD-2979 Transformer invoked from getContent() should also handle Message parameter

ENTESB-6418 SwitchYard TestRunner should respect jaxws endpoint files

SWITCHYARD-2969 Property mapping in SOAPContextMapper not working as documented

SWITCHYARD-2953 SwitchYard HTTP Basic Auth is case-sensitive, in violation of rfc2617

SWITCHYARD-2810 RESTEasy OutboundHandler to sendFault for checked exceptions

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Change version to 2.1.1-SNAPSHOT.

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Change version to 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT.

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Change version number in installer properties and disable bpel-console installation on WildFly 10.

Change version to 2.1.Final.

Temporarily disable jca mixin tests.

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Change versions to 2.1.0.Final.

Change versions to 2.1.0.Final.

Change version to 2.1.0.Final.

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Add enforcer skip to console/gwt so we can build with JDK 8.

Adding enforcer skip to console/component.

Add missing dependency version for switchyard-component-test-mixin-hornetq.

SWITCHYARD-2938 Increase default compilation from 1.6 -> 1.7

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SWITCHYARD-2933 camel-sql-binding readme - add wildfly profile to wildfly build instructions

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ENTESB-4967 Different behaviour of DocumentBuilderFactory in Fuse and EAP (#490)

ENTESB-4445 Add all missing switchyard-* artifacts to switchyard bom

ENTESB-5208 bpel: wait timer longer than 30 seconds causes process to wait indefinitely

ENTESB-5283 SecurityServices info should be cached for performance

SWITCHYARD-2896 Unresolved dependencies running domain mode

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SWITCHYARD-2895 Please modularize activation classes necessary for email handling

SWITCHYARD-2890 Create a top-level ReadMe explaining how to build SwitchYard

SWITCHYARD-2884 Transform message to String automatically in HttpMessageComposer#decompose method

ENTESB-4962 Upgrade SwitchYard to use the 6.0.1.Final integration BOM

SWITCHYARD-2828 Enable service independent properties to be carried without need for context mapper

SWITCHYARD-2852 SY: JAXB Marhsalling should also work without @XmlRootElement Annotation