Thomas Diesler

[WFLY-5532] LinkageError when loading CXF NamespaceHandler

[WFLY-4687] Upgrade Apache CXF from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5

[WFLY-4687] Upgrade Apache CXF from 3.0.4 to 3.0.5

[WFLY-4416] Cannot obtain DOMImplementationRegistry instance

[WFLY-2556] Arquillian integration may break test deployments that have OSGi metadata

[WFLY-2301] Remove jbosgi-metadata from system modules

[WFLY-2140] ARQ managed container cannot detect server startup

[WFLY-2020] ARQ container cannot fetch deployment from client side any more

[WFLY-1694] Remove references to OSGi from build-modular

[WFLY-1674] Relax requirement to specify ARQ config jbossHome

Move OSGi testsuite to jbosgi

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Remove osgi from legacy configs

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[WFLY-1638] Remove OSGi subsystem

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[WFLY-408] Integrate Final R5 Core Framework

[WFLY-1558] OSGi tests that rely on optional service dependencies fail intermittently

[WFLY-1557] DuplicateServiceException on undertow deployment replace - Ignore failing OSGi test

Use simplified synchrounous WebContext activation API

Use simplified synchrounous WebContext activation API

was: 88725f2e093af6296c7cd8ad3d4103b1cc9f1dd8

[WFLY-1530] BundleReplaceTestCase fails frequently

[WFLY-311] Feature provisioning service

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[WFLY-1543] ear.EnterpriseArchiveTestCase fails intermittently

Update to latest resolver,repository,framework

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[WFLY-1510] Missing dependency on org.jboss.resteasy modules

[WFLY-1495] Missing dependency on javax.enterprise.concurrent.api

[WFLY-1494] Wiring inconsistency with javax.transaction 1.2 API

[WFLY-1493] NPE in WebServicesContextJndiSetupProcessor with modular build

[WFLY-1459] NPE in BundleActivatorProcessor with modular build

Eagerly fail if ARQ service cannot be generated for any reason

[WFLY-1365] Allow RemoteLoadableExtension to define module dependencies

[WFLY-1290] VFSResourceLoader does not allow to iterate resources