Edwin Jones

teiid-3151 Backport of teiid-3151 sans spatial function and the GeometryType which did not exist in 8.7.x.

teiid-3151: Added additional pushdown functions as well as spatial functions and types.

teiid-3151: Added additional pushdown functions as well as spatial functions and types.

teiid-3151: Added all data mappings and function modifiers. Also corrected unit tests and validated generated statements against a HANA instance.

teiid-3151: Removed Concat modifier and changed convert modifier test to translator test.

teiid-3151: Initial commit of HANA translator.

TEIIDDES-1633: Added null check for tns in the XSDFeature followed by retrieval of the tns from the XSDComplexTypeDefinitionImpl.
TEIIDDES-1616: Added support for header parameters. The parameter names can be added to the REST:Headers extended property using a semi-colon delimiter. Ex. header1;header2;header3

When header parameters are used, the underlying procedure should expect those values first. Other parameters from URI path, query params, or input documents will be passed in after the header parameters.

TEIIDDES-1560: Added support for query parameters to the generated REST war.
TEIIDDES-1455 - Made variables threadsafe by moving declarations to the execute() method.
TEIIDDES-1420: Added logic to account for resource resolution on Windows
TEIIDDES-1418: Upgraded to 6-13-2012 Teiid 7.7.1 jars
TEIIDDES-1313: Added deployment and testing sections for the SOAP and REST wars.
TEIIDDES-1410: Changed to use the schema element name and the message part namespace as default for the request procedure. Also changed the response to prefix qualify namespaces due to some elements having namespaces and some not. The default namespace usage was causing issues in this scenario and always qualifying namespaces with prefixes avoids will always work.
TEIIDDES-1407: Changed to add DEFAULT ns when adding attributes
TEIIDDES-1400: Corrected logic to handle multiple namespaces and alias in root and columns xpaths.
TEIIDDES-1401: Changed the service name to use the context rather than the VDB name.
TEIIDDES-1141: Changed WAR generation to work with JBossWS-CXF 3.x and 4.x by moving the WSDL and schemas as well as references to the WSDL to WEB-INF/wsdl.
TEIIDDES-1384: Corrected to set password for generated WARs using security. Also added a mask to the password field.
TEIIDDES-1375: Added support for multiple schemas in request and/or response. Also added ability to add root elements that are simple types.
TEIIDDES-1375: Fix for sequence parent/child relationship and parentXpath logic
TEIIDDES-1375: Changed SchemaNode map to a list
TEIIDDES-1358: Added a counter when recursively building schema tree model to limit the depth to 1000. The stack overflow was due to circular references in the schemas. A warning message will be displayed when a circular reference is suspected and the user will be allowed to continue modeling the procedures with the caveat that the generated transformation may be adversely affected. Further, they are informed that the Default Procedures may be used since all complex types are broken out into individual procedures. Also change the names of create/extract to request/response for the legacy procedure generation and added some additional clarifying description text to both procedure generation options.
TEIIDDES-1367: Changed to use fully qualified procedure names in generated classes
TEIID-1996:Updated documentation to reflect the "View query plan" operation

TEIID-1996: Corrected session id parameter description for getPlan

TEIID-1996: Added new operation to get query plan for an in-flight session/request.

TEIID-1996: Added new operation to get query plan for an in-flight session/request.

TEIIDDES-1302: Fix for secure REST sources to work using passed credentials and cleaned up code
TEIIDDES-465: Changed to default to "document", which is the default style, when style is not present. Also, added logic to get the resolved element for the name when the name is null on the XSDElementDefinition. Also, updated logic to exit schema loop when the element is found in the getSchemaElementForSelectedOperation(). The logic was continuing and adding the same element four times for this WSDL. Lastly, added XSDModelGroup nodes to the SchemaTree to allow xpath to properly resolve.