Thomas Hauser

Pulling changes from 8.7.x upstream into this branch. Minor conflict in cli script.



make sure the full-ha definition of the security-domain also uses the RealmDirect login module.

correct another RelamDirect

correct RelamDirect -> RealmDirect

remove the " entries that were messing with creating shortcuts in windows

for de.xml


make HP-UX pack actually be detected

make sure the target for the documentation isn't incorrect

updating the shortcut target for the documentation

adding new strings for 11048

JBPAPP-11042: make sure that the core-packs doesn't create an empty docs/ folder

tag for ER3 build

  1. /platform-installer/tags/EnterpriseInstaller_5_3_0_ER3
seam documentation is included within the docs pack

bring string for pack state in the TreePacksPanel.

Change eap-core to required so console installations aren't incorrect.


make new scripts executable

use a more appropriate condition instead of the base izpack one

fix for, which is a bandaid for an

izpack bug involving actions and panel conditions

tagging for 5.3.0 ER2

  1. /platform-installer/tags/EnterpriseInstaller_5_3_0_ER2
remove pointless unzipping of natives, add hpux natives pack
creating a new branch for EAP 5.3 specific work. Removal of solaris 9 natives

and additions of HP-UX natives

  1. … 687 more files in changeset.
adding the ProcessPanel.Spec.xml

backporting natives fix. includes a stripped down ProcessPanelHelper and

modifications to faciliate the new way of unpacking RHEL natives. Needs to be

double checked on other platforms.

pick up picketlink quickstarts as well

changing the picketlink directories to resolve JBPAPP-9913

tagging for ER2

  1. /platform-installer/tags/EnterpriseInstaller_5_2_0_ER2patch1
updating ewp too

another missing string

adding missing strings

another jtripath fix