Dmitrii Tikhomirov

[WFLY-10796] Warning about JSF version 'NONE' is shown in logs

[WFLY-10745] Broken JSF module installer

[WFLY-10655] SEVERE error on deploy of ear: "Unable to obtain CDI 1.1 utilities for Mojarra"

[WFLY-10690] Rename module name of rxjava

[WFLY-10620] org.omg.api deps should be removed from jsf-multi-installer

[WFLY-10567] Broken JSF module installer

[WFLY-10475] JSF installer module definitions are not synced with JSF modules

[WFLY-10253] ConcurrentModificationException on startup

[ERRAI-1106] Update from 1.0.0-beta-1 to 1.0.0-RC1

[WFLY-10096] Multi-JSF-Installer broken for MyFaces

[WFLY-9928] Replace usage of deprecated ServiceListener with LifecycleListener in singleton deployment logic

[WFLY-9897] getBytes(); calls should be replaced with getBytes(StandardCharsets.UTF_8);

[WFCORE-3513] StringIndexOutOfBoundsException if config file with wrong name is present in 'standalone_xml_history/snapshot' folder

[ERRAI-1080] Add @ClassNames annotation support.

[WFLY-9386] Several tests need FilePermission for standalone/tmp/auth to pass with security manager

[WFCORE-2874] It should not be possible to set negative values to IO worker attributes

[WFLY-8681] Noninformative failure description when creating file handler with invalid path

[WFLY-8679] Reduce level of WFLYTX0034 warning

[WFLY-8298] Not able to undefine initial-pool-size attribute of datasource

[WFCORE-2335] It is possible to set buffer pool buffers-per-slice attribute to negative value

[WFCORE-2334] It is possible to set buffer pool buffer-size attribute to negative value

[WFLY-7937] - serverRequiresSsl checked twice

[ERRAI-1027] fix errai-cdi-demo-mobile

[ERRAI-1026] fix jaxrs-demo-crud

1) fix dev mode

2) wildfly profile improve

3) jetty9 support added

[ERRAI-1023] fix jpa-demo-basic

1) wildfly build

2) fixed dev mode

3) jetty profile added

    • -25
    • +44
[ERRAI-1022] Update cdi-demo-tagcloud so that it works on jetty9-server

[ERRAI-1020] Unable to build and deploy errai-cdi-demo-mobile using wildfly profile

[WFLY-7941] Repeated conditional test - - incomingIdentity

[WFLY-7800] Export jackson-jaxrs-json-provider dependency in resteasy-jackson2-provider module

[WFLY-7503] Typo in NamingLogger log message with id WFLYNAM0060