Trustin Lee





Fix another bad xml

Fix bad xml

Fix incorrect exception message

- Thanks @hepin1989

Upgrade to the latest maven-checkstyle-plugin

Revamp the selector auto rebuild checker

- Count the number of select() calls made to wait until reaching at the expected dead line, and rebuild selectors if too many select() calls were made.

Log prematurly returning select() at DEBUG level and increase the minimum required consecutive premature returns to log

Revert NioEventLoop.hasTasks() which is not really true

Fix memory leak in the test

Selector auto-rebuilder tweaks

Upgrade dependencies

Allow disabling automatic selector rebuilding by specifing non-positive threshold

Enable automatic selector rebuilding by default

- Fixes #1192

- Log at WARN level for easier diagnosis

Remove TaskScheduler and ImmediateEventExecutor that requires TaskScheduler

- Related issue: #817

Fix memory leak in AbstractCompositeByteBufTest

Make SingleThreadEventExecutor independent from TaskScheduler

- Related issue: #817

Fix a dead lock in ServerBootstrap as described in #1175

- Reduce code duplication between bootstrap implementations

Use clearer term when data is discarded by pipeline

Fix checkstyle

Make sure ChannelFuture of Bootstrap.bind() and connect() notify with the right cause when registration fails

- Related: #1175

Fix the dead lock described in #1175

- Similar to @normanmaurer's fix in that this commit also makes Bootstrap.init(Channel) asynchronous, but it is simpler and less invasive.

- Also made sure a connection attempt failure in the local transport does not trigger an exceptionCaught event

Fix checkstyle

Fix checkstyle

Add a unit test that reproduces the dead lock described in #1175

- The offending test case is annotated with `@Ignore`

- Also fixed a bug where channel initialization failure swallows the original cause of initialization failure

Ensure the best effort is made even if future listeners could not be notified / Handle registration failure in a robust manner

- Related: #1187

Add constructor parameters that do not perform type parameter auto-detection for the languages without type parameters

- Fixes #1177

- Add TypeParameterMatcher.get(parameterType)

- Add alternative constructors

Make sure OSGi testsuite runs on 'mvn test'