Tomáš Schlosser

BRMS: First draft of DslEditorTest

BRMS: Remove (no longer needed) class

BRMS: rename ApplicationIsRunning to ApplicationIsTerminated, tweak RulesManagementTest

BRMS: change logging level, take screenshot after every method, clear console after every test

BRMS: Tweaking RulesEditorTest

BRMS: Extended DRL editor tests

BRMS: fix imports for ShellLookup class

Make the tests run without file

Rename the module in pom.xml, use property


rename Drools tests module to conform to set pattern

  1. … 60 more files in changeset.
Use DrlEditor in tests

Get rid of restricted access warning

First draft of DrlEditor class with Content assist implemented

export editor package

Extend waiting time (w7 on Jenkins is really slow)

Added missing class, fixed buttons not working in DrlEditor

Use RedDeer to close and save all editors

upgrade versions in manifest

Get rid of Deprecated warning

Minor tweaks - removing unnecessary property - removing deprecated module (no longer exists) - adding cleanup settings (temp files)

First draft of DSLEditor framework class

require hamcrest library (dependency of RedDeer

Logging like in BRMS testsuite, minor tweaks

Support classes for running the rules

Tests for creation of new resources

moving rules running to correct class plus some minor tweaks

new test (BZ#1001723)

switch test order (makes more sense this way)

new way of traversing tables in RedDeet 0.4.0