Yeray Borges Santana

[WFLY-13739] WeldJpaInjectionTestCase fails in the jpa layer test suite

[WFLY-13717] Add expressions for the host/port attributes for the outbound socket binding used for mail

[WFLY-13703] Cleanup duplicate all-layers-jpa-distributed-provisioning-full execution ids on testsuite/layers

[WFLY-13703] Increase the test coverage of LayersTestCase for the all layers case

[WFLY-13676] Increase the test coverage of jpa and jpa-distribute galleon layers

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[WFLY-13683] Remove microprofile-metrics dependency from jpa, jpa-distributed and web-clustering Galleon layers

[WFLY-13649] Make possible swap maven coordinates for MP Rest Client

[WFCORE-5030] Add API compatibility with embedded servers that dos not support getting the process state from the embedded server interface

[WFCORE-5012] Upgrade Jboss Threads to 2.3.6 Jira issue:

[WFLY-13423] Remove the uses of AbstractOutboundConnectionService from ejb3 subsystem

[WFLY-13576] Upgrade WildFly Galleon Plugins from 4.2.6.Final to 4.2.8.Final

[WFCORE-4996] Upgrade WildFly Galleon Plugins from 4.2.6.Final to 4.2.8.Final

[WFLY-13422] Make some module dependencies optional and provision them via registration additional runtime when necessary

[WFLY-13508] Fix layer name for naming, it should be 'naming' insted of 'ee'

[WFCORE-4955] Create a wildfly-network OutboundConnection interface from AbstractOutboundConnectionService and expose via capabilities

[WFCORE-4895] Fix bootable jar maven module versions

[WFCORE-4954] Add legacy controller for EAP 7.3

[WFCORE-4958] Create the ModelTestModelControllerService variants for the EAP 7.3.0 controllers

[WFCORE-4958] Prepare ModelTestModelControllerService contructors for EAP 7.2.0

[WFLY-13298] Set up mixed domain testing against EAP 7.3

[WFLY-13298] Add legacy configuration files for parse and marshal model tests

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[WFLY-13420] Enable Elytron mixed domain test suites

[WFCORE-4922] Fix possible hang starting the embedded host and server - Basically it rollbacks the changes done in for the embedded server and fix the possible hang reading the process state for the embeddded host controller

jira issue:

[WFLY-13184] Convert javaee.api module name in an alias of wildlfyee.api which is handled at wildfly-core

[WFLY-13367] Add a runtime to add the new credential store entry when a mail server is added

[WFLY-13221] Remove package-schema cruft from wildfly-feature-pack-build.xml files

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[WFCORE-4893] Expose the process state from the embedded server and controller

[WFCORE-4883] Fix CompositeOperationTestCase intermittent failures increasing the deployment time of the test application

[WFCORE-4874] Turn pre-computed annotation index loading error into a warning and print related description

[WFLY-13247] Upgrade Jakarta Mail to 1.6.5

[WFLY-13187] Add wildflyee.api as non referenced module in LayersTestCase

[WFCORE-4621] Create wildflyee.api static module to serve the Jakarta EE api dependencies to the external modules